Don’t Stop the Music
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For many in 1967, the Summer of Love brings freedom from parents, government and convention. But for Jonah and Otis it is a time of reckoning. The Vietnam War and the back alleys of San Francisco vie for possession of the two teenagers. Uncle Sam wants to draft them, but the boys waver on the idea of turning into killing machines. The mean streets at home, however, offer little in the way of an alternative as a crooked cop and a mobster roam the Haight Ashbury unchecked.

The boys are spotted while overhearing a discussion regarding the murder of an influential music producer. Scared, the boys flee the City to hide in the rural environs of west Sonoma County. They bounce from one small town to another along the banks of the Russian River, evading the close pursuit of the gangsters.

While seeking refuge in an abandoned cabin in Rio Nido, Jonah and Otis become entangled in a dragnet as the Sheriff’s Department swoops up a horde of illegal squatters. The crooked cop from San Francisco takes custody of the boys at the local jailhouse and delivers them to the mobster. Pinned in a corner, the boys must figure out how to escape and live another day.

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Stumptown Daze, a 1960 romance comedy, finds a free-spirited Lani as a caregiver to sixty-five-year-old dementia patient Walter in San Francisco’s North Beach. From the remote island of Rotuma, Lani struggles to carve out a place for herself in the beatnik enclave.  To escape the evil machinations of his daughter, Walter flees to Guerneville in rural northern California, tricking Lani to join him.   While staying at Murphy’s Guest Ranch, the young Rotuman girl encounters a troubled, obsessive-compulsive chef by the name of Jake.  A bitter and awkward connection soon develops as they try to survive Memorial Day weekend together.  Circumstances, however, force the couple to put aside their mutual dislike for each other in order to find Walter who has gone AWOL in search of one last tryst. Ladies of the night, local rubes, a redneck sheriff and a drunken politician intervene to complicate matters.

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