image of Angelo's Resort in Monte Rio

In the historical fiction novel, Stumptown Daze, we go back to 1960 and find our two lovers, Lani and Jake, visiting Angelo’s Resort (also formerly known as Angelo’s Sandy Beach Resort and Restaurant) in the backwater town of Monte Rio, California.  Jake, a germaphobe, is repulsed by the sight of customers feeding raccoons and he goes on a tantrum.  Needless to say, this causes newfound friction for our offbeat couple.

I remember my parents taking us kids to Angelo’s during the 1950’s (see image of dining-dancing lounge above).  My favorite dish to order as a ten-year-old was veal parmesan.   I would scrape off the cheese and eat it and leave the rest for the local critters.  This bewildered my mom to no end not to mention my father who had to fork out the money for such a waste.

Angelo’s Resort, A Brief History

Angelo’s Resort, also known as Angelo’s Casino, was located on River Boulevard in Monte Rio and dates back to the 1940’s.  It housed several slot machines and featured an Italian menu of excellent quality and better bargains.  Patrons would sway to the sound of live music, often a single pianist belting out a Big Band tune.  A plate-glass window behind the bar allowed visitors to view the Russian River as well as to witness the nightly feeding of the raccoons.  The animals (not too unlike myself) would strip the spaghetti of its sauce before eating the treat.  It is presently known as Grandma’s House and is being used as a year-round vacation rental.