Two of my favorite restaurants that are no longer with us are Capp’s Corner and Caesar’s in San Francisco.  Capp’s was established in 1963 and closed in 2015. Formerly at 1600 Powell Street, it sat next to Beach Blanket Babylon.  The Italian restaurant was a favorite of not only tourists but cops, barmen, retirees and locals.

No one could greet you better than Seamus Coyle with his Irish way. The dinners were healthy portions with reasonable prices.  Remember the tasty tureen of homemade minestrone followed by the kidney bean house salad?  Nice way to start a meal.  Apparently the long-time Ginella owners were one of the latest victims of the City’s eviction frenzy.  Even the praises of Governor Jerry Brown and poet Lawrence Ferlinghetti couldn’t sway the landlord.  Sad!

Caesar’s Restaurant:

Caesar’s restaurant closed in 2012 after 56 years in operation.  The Italian eatery in North Beach was formerly at 2299 Powell Street at Bay.  That was the place for a special celebration whether it be a birthday, anniversary or the opening of mushroom season.  Didn’t matter.  It had the IT factor with waiters in tuxedos.   Could you finish the seven-course dinner?  Did you ever try their pig’s feet as an appetizer?  “Eat where the Italians eat” was their motto. The only thing better than the Cioppino was the smiling face of the late Luigi Romani.