Bohemian Grove in Monte Rio

Image of Bohemian Grove 2Image of Monte Rio-pink & protestorsIn recent years the most powerful men in America have attended the July retreat at the Bohemian Grove in Monte Rio along the lower reaches of the Russian River.  Government types with names like Bush & Powell & Kissinger & Rumsfeld rub elbows with the Lee Iacoccas & Bill Gates of this world.  With its combination of power and wealth, the Bohemian Grove has long been the target of several protests, some highly charged. (more…)

Bohemian Club of San Francisco

Image of Bohemian Club-inscription Image of Bohemian Grove 1The Bohemian Club of San Francisco started in 1872 in the back offices of the Chronicle.  The journalists added artists and musicians to the mix and would meet regularly nearby.  However, William Randolph Hearst soon realized that the boys were spending more time at the “club” than at the office.  To appease their boss, higher-ups such as corporate types and local military officers were included.  Since 1893, their summer retreats have been held at the present location in the redwood hills of Monte Rio along the Russian River. (more…)