W.W.II in San Francisco, Ch.2

Image of U.S.S. Hornet and Golden Gate BridgeW.W.II in San Francisco came in the form of many different descriptions and tales.  This is the continuation of one of those stories.   Chapter Two:                              

At 08:48 hours on April 2nd, 1942, the outbound U.S.S. Hornet approached the Golden Gate Bridge with its cargo of Doolittle’s sixteen U.S. Army Air Force B-25 Mitchell bombers.  A civilian fishing trawler hauled back the anti-submarine net.  Tensions were high.  The Japanese were winning the battle in the Pacific while the fear of enemy insurgents had shaken the heart and soul of civilians and military at home.  The Black Dragon Society (Kokwryukai) had been formed in 1901 to serve the Japanese Empire at all costs.  It was a paramilitary, right-wing group that had infiltrated the West Coast of the United States, blending into the Japantowns of Seattle, San Francisco and Oakland.

My biological grandfather, Sergeant Elmer Klausen, a member of the California Grays (a militia group with a checkered past), posted a National Guardsman at the southend of the bridge. (more…)

W.W.II in San Francisco

images of Twin Peaks and Castro TheaterW.W.II in San Francisco took on many different shapes and sizes.  This is one of those stories. 

On the morning of December 7th, 1941, a trolley exited the Twin Peaks tunnel, dragging sparks from the overhead wires.  Anne Klausen disembarked and crossed three lanes of traffic against the light.  A Hudson tooted and smoked to a halt, but Anne didn’t hear the complaint.  She stomped along, thinking about her vigilante dad, cussing him out in silent rage.  Anne entered an Art Deco building where blue neon letters read CASTRO. The marquee heralded the feature attraction, The Maltese Falcon.  The images of Humphrey Bogart and Mary Astor, however, did little to extinguish the gnashing inside her head.  Anne ordered some popcorn from a cashier, blabbing about how a father who was a regular down at Sally Rand’s strip club had no right lecturing his daughter on Catholicism and such nonsense. (more…)