images of Guernewood ParkGuernewood Village, then and now, shows campers relaxing by the open pit fire next to their tent in the early part of last century along the Russian River.  Guernewood Village preceded Guernewood Park and existed behind the present-day Garden Grill.

During more recent times, neighbors in the area complained about the illegal activity at Spooner’s RV Park.  The locals pleaded for relief from the squalor, illegal drug use, theft and noise associated with the tenants at Spooner’s. “It’s the scourge of Guernewood Park,” said Old Cazadero Road resident Patricia Hall.   “We smell, see and hear what’s going on there,” said Fred Uren (no pun intended) of Lover’s Lane.  “It’s anything but pleasant.”  Note: Lover’s Lane where it meets Highway 116 used to be the entrance to Guernewood Village.

Guernewood Village, Then and Now:

Spooner’s RV Park, where the old Guerewood Village once stood, faced threats of legal action by the community and $3,000 in abatement costs and civil penalties.  A group of investors from Santa Barbara bought the two-acre site a couple of years ago and have developed a glamping destination named AutoCamp Russian River.  The project includes 24 Airstream trailers and luxurious canvas tents with plush interiors on the property where the old Molly Brown’s Restaurant and Bar was situated.  Also included are a modern clubhouse, fire pit lounges, concierge service and Wi-Fi throughout.  Accommodations can cost upwards of $300/night.  “I’m happy with the development,” said Chris Gulledge of the Guernewood Neghborhood Association.  But beware, do you want to trade in the former sordidness for a gentrified future?  So far, the answer is yes.  We shall see.

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