image of last train along the Russian River  Guerneville declared a holiday on the last day of operations for the Northwestern Pacific Railroad.  With three cars full to capacity, Engine No. 108 cruised down to Rio Campo (now Northwood) where it crossed the Russian River (at the 9th tee of present-day golf course) and headed into the Bohemian Grove before running down Moscow Road in Monte Rio to Duncans Mills.  With the sky overcast, 250 persons gathered at the depot for the “last rites” (see photo).  All came together for pictures and speeches.  Lunches were eaten and beer and harder liquid flowed freely.  Over in one corner of the Duncans Mills depot several of the old-timers talked and wondered what was going to happen to the area.  Without a railroad how could business go on?  What did the future hold?  And so sixty years of railroading came to an end.

November 14, 1935.