images of northwood-golf-clubNorthwood golf stories know no boundary.   It all began with Alister Mackenzie who built the Russian River gem in 1928.  He supposedly refused quarters at the nearby Bohemian Grove and chose instead to stay in a railroad car.   The black ‘n’ white photo shows Alister standing near his preferred  “lodging” at Northwood, which was the end of the line for the Northwestern Pacific Railroad.  Just out of the reach of the local gendarmes, the temporary residence soon became the hangout for local card sharks, distillation entrepreneurs, and ladies of the night.  And all this time you thought he was a proper gentleman.  Oh my!

Contemporary tales tell of wayward golf shots that caused much consternation.   More than a few motorists have levied complaints with the pro shop, telling of white orbs hitting their vehicle on Highway 116. One such object evidently bounced from one auto to the next, ping-ponging off eight total, finally nesting in the sidecar of a W.W.II motorcycle.

Northwood Golf Stories:

Another Northwood golf story features an ex-pro wrestler.  He’s a big strong guy, weighing in at nearly 275lbs, standing 6’5″.  All muscle, or so he says.  There are differences of opinion on the later.  It must be noted that this gentleman’s strength had enabled him at one time to reach the green from the seventh tee, a distance of some 380 yards!  Back to our narrative.  The hulk took a mighty swing and launched the ball, arms and torso churning up high powered torque.  The ball, however,  hit the forward red tee block, careened ninety degrees right, sped across the adjoining ninth fairway some seventy yards, broke the outer pane window of a house, bounced off the inner pane of the same double-glass porthole, and landed back in play.   No penalty!  More stories to come.  Stay tuned.  Cheers!