Stumptown Daze Parade

Image of Stumptown Daze-the novel & book-canvaThe Stumptown Daze parade this last Saturday in Guerneville was a hoot.  I never get tired of this small town tradition.  All that was the lower Russian River was represented.  You had mounted honor guard, rodeo queens, antique fire trucks, politicians, the El Molino H.S. Marching Band, erotic clowns, classic cars and so much more.   One of my personal favorites was a gray-haired musical group that belted out some nifty dixie and jazz tunes. Never too old to swing.   There was also a ragtag group of folks who live on the edge out here along the River.   They festooned themselves with a mishmash of colorful hats, striped capes, and wide grins.  As my grandfather once said, “If you’re not living on the edge, you’re taking up too much room.”  Everyone was welcomed to participate and why not. (more…)