image of submersible aircraft carrierW.W.II in San Francisco took on many different descriptions and tales.  This is a continuation of one of those stories.  Chapter 6:   The Japanese Imperial Navy during World War Two developed a secret weapon, a submersible aircraft carrier.  Eventually, the sub grew to 400′ in length and double the width, capable of carrying three bombers.  There were rumors that our enemy was experimenting with atomic weapons off of Korea, but a more likely scenario involves these airplanes unloading anthrax bombs on American cities.  Anthrax had been thoroughly tested against China early on.  This particular strategy, however, was abandoned by the Japanese high command as being too immoral (little did they know what was coming to their own shores).  Also, they had witness the ineffectiveness of the German aerial bombing of London.

Submersible Aircraft Carriers:

Above the main deck rose a 115 foot long, 12 foot diameter, waterproof hangar housing three torpedo-bombers.  These floatplanes were rolled out through a massive hydraulic door onto an 85 foot pneumatic catapult, where they were rigged for flight, fueled, armed, launched, and, after landing alongside, lifted back aboard with a powerful hydraulic crane.

The more modern version (photo lower right) would be the length of three football fields with jets capable of carrying nuclear weapons.  There is an allure for such a stealth weapon, but the cost of this specialized ship would be cost prohibitive. 

Next time, we will take a peek at the Los Angeles Air Raid during W.W.II.